Site Measures

On any site where there is construction going on, whether it’s an addition to a house or the erection of a multi-storey office block from the ground up, the need for accurate, precise measurements is going to be paramount. Just as you don’t want to find yourself short of construction steel to finish a project, you also don’t want to be left with too much because of incorrect measurements. Having an experienced professional tradesperson carry out an exact, precise site measurement can reduce the likelihood of ordering too much or too little construction steel, ensuring that your project can continue with as few hassles as possible.


Two Birds with One Stone

Why bother going to one service provider to manage your site measures and then a different supplier for your construction steel when Hitech Steel Fabrications can take care of both?

Save time and unnecessary hassle by having one of our experienced site measure specialists visit your project site and take the required measurements. We can then supply you with the necessary steel materials cut to order as per your dimensional requirements. It’s that simple!

Hitech Steel Fabrications are here to make your next project simple and easy  “Hassle-Free” that’s the service you should get when dealing with the professionals at Hitech Steel


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No matter how big or small your project, it’s crucial that your supplies meet the necessary dimensions of the worksite. To obtain a free, no-obligation quote for an experienced site measure specialist to visit your worksite, give us a call on (03) 9761 9622. Alternatively, you can email us on   [email protected]

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