Steel Fabrications & Construction

Hitech Steel Fabrications provides exemplary services in the steel construction industry, for projects of all sizes in Melbourne and metropolitan areas

Our qualified fabricators are highly skilled and systematic in the operations all of our machinery, as well as many power and hand tools. Precision and accuracy is always a high priority in the construction of any steel project, thus eliminating the need to make any alterations on site where possible, which means your next project is installed quickly and easily

We specialise in the fabrication & construction of many projects such as:

  • New residential properties
  • Extensions to homes
  • Offices
  • Retail properties and premises
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Handrails & Walkways
  • Sheetmetal Products

We’ll work with builders and architects to ensure your project is completed using the best materials available, on time and within budget

Having a sound knowledge of B.C.A rules and regulations and Australian standards, hopefully that should give you the customer peace of mind knowing that the most important part of your next housing project, the “Structural Steel” component, has been manufactured and installed by licenced tradesmen that come with over 60yrs experience and is not going anywhere


The Benefits Of Hitech,s Structural Steel Products

There are many advantages to using Hitech’s structural steel products and employing our steel construction expertise:

  • Strength to weight ratio works in your favour
  • Facilitates a quicker and more efficient construction process
  • Aesthetically more appealing
  • Allows for greater flexibility with the design
  • Enhances your project with added strength and security
  • Over 40 yrs of experience within the industry
  • Enjoy a family based business who know and appreciate repeat customers
  • Building not only your new project, but also relationships with Hitech
  • Many of our customers are repeat customers, who have enjoyed working with us for over 40 yrs

Hitech Steel Fabrications can guarantee the builder that all components are made to AS/NZ standards and are installed or constructed in a tradesperson like manner.

If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call on (03) 9761 9622 or send us an email at  for more information.

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