The 6 Best Things About Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel is a commonly used material in the Hospitality, Medical & Food industries. It comprises nickel and chromium. This material creates a corrosion-resistant and tough surface. The process of custom stainless-steel fabrication is done for the optimum utilization of stainless steel and its unique properties.

Steel fabrication is the transformation of sheet metal into an all-new product/item that can further be used for construction assembly. Fabrication is done to reshape metal into any desired shape and size you need.

Want to Know more? Let’s Start with the 6 Best Things about Stainless Steel Fabrication

I. It’s A 3-Step Process

Stainless Steel fabrication primarily takes place in three main steps- Cutting, Bending, and Welding. The stainless sheets are first cut and the required shape is defined. Specialized equipment is used to cut this material, and remove the extra sheet parts that are not required. This process is done through either guillotining, grinding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, or waterjet cutting. The metal is then bent to the required angles via brake press, straight blade bender, or box folder. stainless steel fabrication Melbourne is an extremely harò material and will require specialized equipment for bending to achieve the desired outcome The fast step in the process is to weld the parts together, welding of stainless is all in the hands of custom stainless-steel fabrication where selecting the correct welding process is extremely important, Tig, MiG or Oxy are some of the welds that are used when fabricating custom stainless-steel fabrication

2. It Is Done by Professionals

When you hire stainless steel fabrication Melbourne, you can rely on their skills and expertise as fabricators. They will attain your project needs and requirements. If you have a specific demand or a strict timeline, they will ensure to fulfill all your industry requirements.

3. Raw Materials Are Easily Available

You can choose from an array of raw materials when it comes to metal fabrication. Stainless Steel material comes in many grades 304 & 316L are just 2 grades, The grade of the material is important depending on its application and use, the varied material’s features and characteristics are important when making manufacturing with custom stainless-steel fabrication, stainless steel fabrication Melbourne, can offer stainless steel in flat sheet, box tubing, angle, flat bar, pipe, tube & solid rod

4.100% Recyclable Material

stainless steel suppliers are slowly realizing the importance and impact of stainless steel. This is a 100% recyclable material that can be used attain, Working with steel is extremely easy if you have the latest machinery and equipment.

5. Different Types of Sectional Metals

There are Types of sectional metals available in different standardized shapes. They are widely used in the engineering and construction industry.

  • R.H.S rectangular hollow section or S.H.S square hollow section
  • Angle sections are a 90deg profile from 20×20 to 150×150 or larger
  • Tube or Pipe starting from 1.6mm wall thickness and in most diameters
  • Flat Bar consists of a flat and long cross-sectioned metal
  • Solid bar round or square

6. Offers Wide Range of Applications

custom stainless-steel fabrication enables the manufacturing of various equipment such as platforms, pallets, hoppers, cabinets, and other customized production equipment. No matter how big or small your project, everything is possible with custom stainless-steel fabrication. You can get precise results in lesser time.

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