Energy-Saving Acoustic Louvres for Ventilation and Sound Attenuation

Hitech Steel Fabrications provides a stunning range of acoustic louvres. Whether you need louvres specifically for sound attenuation or ventilation, we cover all your requirements. Our designs are highly functional and facilitate perfect airflow for buildings, equipment and structures for noise reduction. If the surrounding noise is way more than the permissible levels, reach out to us for highly customised solutions.

Our acoustic louvres have a perfect aerodynamic design to save energy and assist low-pressure drop. The designs are robust and sturdy, with highly absorbent material to reduce the amount of infiltration. Our louvres also provide protection from water penetration.

Minimise the ingress of water in your property and reduce the overall noise with state-of-the-art acoustic louvres from Hitech Steel Fabrications. Our solutions are perfect for large spaces as well as spaces with limited sizes. We provide excellent solutions for industries with high-quality metal louvres that include Stainless Steel or Aluminium blades. Contact Hitech Steel Fabrications for all your needs.

Benefits of Hitech Steel Fabrications’ Acoustic Louvres

Hitech Steel Fabrications’ acoustic louvres are great for general ventilation needs in your residential as well as commercial properties. These louvres assist air conditioners as well as plant rooms. Our louvres facilitate acoustic screening for HVAC Plants, Mechanical plants or Generator plants that require airflow. The noise generated by mechanical equipment such as Fan noise, generator noise or Pump noise is controlled more easily as is the airborne noise of building openings.

Some features of Hitech Steel Fabrications’ acoustic louvres are:

  • Guaranteed noise reduction performance regardless of the type or size of the property.
  • A variety of choices in terms of build materials and finishes.
  • Highly cost-effective solutions.
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance.
  • Weatherproof configuration
  • Vermin / Bird proof

Hitech Steel Fabrications’ acoustic louvres have been certified to suit Australian standards after detailed testing and thousands of customer reviews. Our louvres are highly durable and come with a long-life guarantee which is a must for acoustic solutions.

If you need high-quality acoustic louvers from an experienced team that provides tailor-made solutions to suit your needs, think only Hitech Steel Fabrications. We assess your project and provide you with multiple alternatives for maximum efficiency. Get in touch with our team to know more about our services.

Get the Best Acoustic Louvres from Hitech Steel Fabrications

Hitech Steel Fabrications provides the finest and most highly-rated acoustic louvres in Australia. With a healthy level of customer demand, we strive to satisfy all your needs and leave no stone unturned in our efforts. We pay great attention to detail whilst manufacturing and installation and provide great customer care.

Our employees are experienced and regularly trained. We ensure the safety of our employees as well as our customers by providing them with essential safety gear and training. Hitech Steel Fabrications uses the latest tools and techniques to provide you with highly artistic and functional acoustic louvres.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get your project started right away. We work round the year and are here to help you with all your needs, questions and queries. We provide residential as well as commercial solutions and complete projects of all sizes. Contact us now for more information..

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