During  year 2015 Melbourne was in process to finishing its newest wholesale  fruit market based in Epping,  but builder and management knew that they will need some sort of noise suppresses  to control all noise generated by heavy machinery operated inside the building. Project manager from Melbourne market approached to Hitech Steel to come up with customized solution to control noise level under EPA standards. After carefully considering all options team of Htech Steel design and build 8 massive acoustic noise louvers and install onto roof.

Hitech Steel received a contract to design and fabricate steel structure for residential building in Preston (VIC) during 2016. Hitech Steel had to come up with solution quickly because previous steel fabrication company couldn’t deliver project on time. Team of dedicated engineers at hitech steel design project off building drawing and drew onto engineering drawings in record time. After design process, hitech steel manufactured structure for town house within one month and installed at site.

Asaleo Care

Asaleo care is Australia’s leading Sorbent toilet tissue manufacturer for past 65 years, during mid 2018 started to receive complaints from neighbours and council due to noise pollution generated by their manufacturing plant and exhaust fans. After several complaints to council, Asaleo care had to stop from operating 24 hours.

Asaleo care’s management approached hitech steel to design and build a customized solution to suppress their manufacturing plant’s noise level within legal limit. After 2 months of research and manufacturing Hitech steel‘s team assemble a Acoustic actuator to bring noise level within legal limit. A team of experienced installers installed this Acoustic actuator in April 2019 as shown in Pictures. Soon after installation Asaleo care received permission to operate 24 hours by Whitehorse city council.


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