Expert Noise Control Engineering Solutions in Melbourne

Noise control is highly essential to ensure comfort and a stress-free environment. Be it your home or workplace, a noise-free environment is a necessity in today’s times. Thankfully, Hitech Steel Fabrications provides highly customised solutions for noise control in Melbourne. We help you with noise-control systems and products, such as acoustic louvres, silencers, attenuators, noise-control enclosures and much more.

Our noise control engineering solutions are appropriate for, controlling noisy plant and equipment, generator noise control, vibration isolation and air exhaust silencing. Improve your fan aerodynamics and efficiency with our services and improve the acoustics of your product. We also help with noise mapping, surveying, modelling and simulation.

Hitech Steel Fabrications are the specialists for noise control in Melbourne, providing excellent solutions that include:

  • Controlling background noise.
  • Limiting generated noise
  • Reducing reverberation noise
  • Generating pleasant working environments
  • Intelligent active noise suppression.
  • Constrained layer dampening.

Machines and equipment such as engines, motors, compressors and pumps can create a lot of noise – which we aim to reduce with our noise control engineering solutions. We also survey environmental noise and help with noise control audits, noise risk and impact assessment. If you need wall panels, sound diffusers, absorbers and attenuators for residential or commercial needs – Hitech Steel Fabrications has all the solutions.

Some Stand-Out Features of Hitech Steel Fabrications’ Noise Control Engineering Solutions

Hitech Steel Fabrications specialises in noise control engineering, providing a 360-degree range of end-to-end noise control services. We offer a wide range of acoustic services which include:

  • Noise testing.
  • Sound field measurement.
  • Sound impact assessment.
  • Ambient sound surveys.
  • In-depth project analysis.
  • Project documentation.
  • Acoustical consulting.

While there are a number of companies offering services for noise control in Melbourne, Hitech Steel Fabrications provides simple solutions to the most complex problems. Whether you are suffering from neighbourhood noise or noise due to construction, industrial activity, or transport – Hitech Steel Fabrications has solutions to all your problems.

We have a large range of products and solutions for excellent noise control engineering. We aim to provide long-term solutions keeping in mind the local dynamics and conditions. Enjoy a more productive personal and professional life and find your focus. Benefit from our services and stop suffering from mental and physical stress, difficult communication, hearing-related accidents, and increased health issues.

Experienced Company for Noise Control Engineering

Hitech Steel Fabrications is always at the helm of technology and keeps itself updated to provide the best services in noise control in Melbourne. Our staff is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to deal with complex situations and is always looking for ways to help you. We are adept to deal with any challenge that comes our way.

With decades of experience in noise control engineering, our services have been rated as the best in the market. Led by industry experts, our team is highly qualified to ensure the best results for your project.

Contact us today for all your noise control needs in Melbourne. And feel free to reach out to our highly knowledgeable and friendly customer care staff if you need any kind of assistance.

Give us a call on (03) 9761 9622 or send us an email at [email protected]  for more information.

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