Metal is a common material used for the production and manufacture of a wide range of products and items, metal often needs to be shaped, fashioned and joined in certain ways in order to meet specific requirements. “This process is called metal fabrication”, and it’s something that Hitech Steel Fabrications take seriously and excel in doing.

We specialise in the fabrication of all types of metals for projects of just about any size or requirement in Melbourne, whether it’s for home builders, government sectors, commercial property owners, or even the local handyman, Hitech Steel will commit to your project and complete your works to a high grade of satisfaction within your budget, we take our trade and business serious so YOU the end user is totally satisfied, and happy to recommend us to your family and friends


Discover How We Can Help You

No matter what type of metal fabrication service you require, you can trust the team at Hitech Steel Fabrications to deliver the best possible finished product.

The three most common fabrication processes are cutting (includes sawing, shearing, chiselling and oxy-torching of metal materials), bending (achieved mostly by hammering or with the use of press brakes or folder and other tools) and assembly / joining (achieved predominantly by welding, spot welding, pressing  or even riveting).

Hitech Steel can provide you with all 3 aspects of fabrication, including all types of welding including mig, tig, arc and oxy, applying the most suitable method for the task at hand.


Metal Fabrication for a Wide Range of Needs

We provide metal fabrication processes for a wide range of needs, including:

  • Structural steel works for the housing industry
  • Shopping centre maintenance
  • Roof access ladders and rooftop walkways
  • Domestic, Commercial or Industrial handrails
  • Pool fencing and gates
  • HVAC Industry  (Ductwork & Acoustic Silencers)
  • Bakery Industry benching, canopies , bread racks, signage
  • Insurance Works
  • Corporate Shut Downs

From beginning to end, you can trust that you’ll be in the right hands when you come to Hitech Steel for all your metal fabrication needs. Give us a call on (03) 9761 9622 or email us at  to learn how we can help you.

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